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I'm on the bus and we passed a huge line of tour buses and everyone waved at our bus but i had my ipod on so i didn't hear wtf the huge line of buses is for.

Jul. 13th, 2009

Obligatory icon usage to note:

little more than 24 hours 'til we will be eating and drankin' it up at Cinebarre while partaking in HARRY POTTER

I hate trying to find new jobs! I'm always afraid that my old bosses are giving me bad references, even if i left on good terms lol
Re: angels&demons: ewan mcgregor as my priest would be more than enough to renew my catholic faith. Yum.

Happy Birthday!

Happy 108th Birthday to My Favorite Vampire

PS: I just found out my favorite Timelord will be at Comic-Con this year. FFS, it makes me want to not take Japanese and just save up money and go see him T_T
I helped a girl in a manual wheelchair go up a hill but it made me feel that much worse that i hadn't helped her cross the street before the hill. I feel bad.
The elephant love medley is the best way to drown out bus noise i think. I wish i could sing along.
flight 271, 176 people on board... trying to make an emergency landing at sea-tac.

hopefully everything goes okay!

edit: it went okay. good job!
With college coming to an end, the world seems so much bigger and I find myself so much more afraid than I expected to be.
I swear when i shuffle my playlist, i get rickrolled at least once a day.

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